Reiki is popular because it works. If you’re tired, it revives you. If you’re anxious, it calms you. If you’re stuck, it motivates you. It’s hard to believe such a simple practice can work so well, but it’s amazing what you can do when you feel like yourself again.

Whether you are looking for an easy self-care practice, a way to help friends and family, or professional training to treat others, this class is your first step. You will receive initiation into the traditions of Reiki and the basics of practice, along with history, philosophy, and modern applications for your life.

Your instructor, Christina Providence, is a Reiki master, performance coach, and movement educator. She has spent the last 20 years helping people move through pain and anxiety into strength, wellness, and greater enjoyment of life. Known for her lively style and depth of knowledge, Christina teaches Reiki in the Takata tradition, as shared through the lineages of Lori Guth Moffett and Pamela Miles.

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