Core Poetry helps people unleash their potential through Movement Education. We can help you connect with yourself and make small, precise changes in the way you move and think, yielding powerful results. Our programs are uniquely fun and effective, and they seem to work like magic. Our clients report improved balance, energy, strength, productivity, and sense of wellbeing.

We focus on customized programs for private clients and small groups. We will listen carefully to your needs and goals, and then do our absolute best to find an approach that works within your budget and schedule constraints. We offer a range of programs, such as Pilates, yoga, personal training, The Alexander Technique, Nervous System Energy Work, Reiki, dance, creative movement education, mindfulness meditation, and tailored coaching programs. We’re happy to discuss some examples with you.
Christina Providence on CadillacOur founder, Christina Providence, approaches movement as an ongoing creative process. She is a Movement Educator with a BFA and MFA in dance from Ohio State. She’s been teaching Pilates and practicing Reiki, bodywork, and Creative Movement Education for over 15 years, with a focus on self-care, self-cultivation, and embodied practices. At Core Poetry she works with a great team of practitioners, so we can concentrate specifically on your needs and goals, and match you with teachers you’ll love.

Every Core Poetry journey starts with an initial assessment and private lesson. After assessment, we’ll often recommend specific small-group classes. This gives us the chance to match you up with the teachers and groups that seem to be the best fit, and allows you to try a variety of approaches.

If you’d like to talk some more about it, just let us know.

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